We research, analyse and teach the dynamics of the global economy using real-world data and a business-cycle approach.


28 November, 2020

The Big Five are at the heart of an acelerating concentration of US profits that is threatening the very fabric of US capitalism.

11 November, 2020
Those looking for confirmation of a V-shaped recovery may be misled by recent PMI readings.
22 October, 2020
Historically low interest rates and the fall of the Dollar are pushing up gold prices to record levels.
5 July, 2020
Debunking the myth that Singapore developed on the basis of financial services.
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Filling the void in economics

Kapital economics was born from perceived shortcomings of universities and business schools to make economics practical for business and investment decision-making.

It is this role that we aim to fulfill, by offering alternative foundations pertaining to economics with our training services, and building on those foundations with our analyses of developments in the global economy.

Short courses

Economics made practical

Information services

Monitoring the global economy

For business and investment decision-makers

Our short courses are seen as useful for


Individual investors looking to acquire a framework for making sense of the vast array of economic and financial market analyses out there, and the tools for conducting own analysis.


In-house sessions for those within the organisation who have to make decisions related to corporate planning, treasury management, and other activities for which economic developments are vital.

Teaching institutions

Business schools and other teaching institutions looking to offer our economics courses, as something of practical use for business people and investors.

Our information services are seen as useful for


Individual investors that need a monitor of developments in the global economy of importance to movements in the various asset classes.


Businesses that want to monitor economic developments that impact their businesses is fundamental ways.

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