A business cycle approach for a real world economics

The need for an alternative economics

Bram Nicholas / 12 April, 2021

When it comes to making decisions for investments and business strategy, hardly anyone uses economics in a serious manner. And why would they? Orthodox economic theory, as it is presented in university textbooks, has been found to be of little use when it comes to explanations of real-world developments in the economy. Concepts like growth and inflation are usually discussed in an arbitrary manner and because of that, their links to stock- and bond markets are usually neglected.

But there is an alternative: An economics that actually makes sense intuitively and does not need convoluted arguments or complex models to defend it, just pure logic backed up by real-world evidence. It is an economics that is able to explain why China currently drives the global economy, and why inflation has continued to fall “in spite of” the vast amounts of liquidity injected by central banks, and what determines the movements in various asset markets such as those of equities, bonds and currencies.

Our economics is one built on the principle that all economies that are part of the global capitalist system move in cycles, and that understanding the nature of these cycles can help build an analytical framework to analyse economies and markets with the ultimate goal of aiding business and investment decision-making.