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Economics for the practitioner

We analyse developments in the global economy and its financial markets through the lens of business cycles. It is through this lens that we understand the current disruptions in technology, the shift in global economic power, and the remarkable turbulence in global markets for stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Our mission is to provide economic and financial information to the international business community, with the specific objective of contributing to more informed business and investment decision-making. Our vision is to make economics intelligible and of practical use for business and investment decision-making.

Kapital Economics is a company based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2018. Its establishment is in response to the perceived need of business-decision makers for a practical, real world understanding of the major changes taking place in the global economy. The company was born from the perceived shortcomings of universities and business schools to make economics intelligible and of practical use for business and investment decision-making. In taking this role upon itself, Kapital Economics must ultimately be perceived as being totally independent and useful to the business community it intends to serve.

Howard has over 40 years of experience teaching economics and financial markets in universities and business schools around the world, including in the Netherlands, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka; while developing the alternative economics for business that serves as the foundation for KE’s activities.

Bram has worked as an investment analyst for almost 10 years; studying- and trading in global equity, currency, commodity, and bond markets. He has furthermore done extensive research in the areas of the global economy and industrial development.

Josephine holds a MA degree in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies and a BA degree in Philosophy and Economics. Apart from contributing to Kapital Economics, she currently works for the research and advocacy organisation Transnational Institute.