Short courses

Our understanding of the dynamics of an economy is fundamentally different from what is taught in universities. Therefore, we recommend to anyone interested in our courses to start with the Business economics short course.

For a guide to which course to start with and what tracks are best for you, visit go to our recommended tracks.

Our courses are offered privately to individuals and businesses, or through teaching institutions. Interested in following our courses or offering our courses through your organisation? Contact us.

Courses offered

Business economics

The foundations of a real-world economics that provides the basis for all our other courses and services.

Dynamics of the global economy

A framework for analysing certain key economic indicators and their links to the four main assets classes.

Money and financial markets

Understanding money in the domestic and international settings, and examining the wide variety of financial markets and their links to economic variables.

The global trading and financial system

Covers the political, legal and economics structures underlying global trade and financial flows.

Economic data analytics

Explore the countless sources of economic data and the most effective methods of collecting it and analysing it.