Business economics

Short course for the foundations of a real-world economics that provides the basis for all our other courses and services.

Aim of the course

The course aims to equip participants with an alternative, more real-world, economics training than that provided by most Universities. This will be done in the context of a demystification of the economics taught in higher education, and an unpacking of what are perceived to be problems with the standard economics texts used in the teaching of economics courses from secondary school onward. The aim of the exercise is to showcase the way in which the alternative approach can provide a more plausible and informed explanation of current trends in economic phenomena than what is taught in the Universities.

With this in mind, the last part of the course is dedicated to a case study of several emerging market economies using the alternative approach. Time is set aside for discussions of differences in the implications for business and investment decision-making arising from the alternative approach as compared with those arising from what is found in standard textbooks and courses based on these.

What you get out of the course


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No explicit knowledge of the economy or economics is presupposed. Serves as the foundation for: