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Are V-shaped PMIs Misleading?

The recent rise of PMIs may be overstating the extent of the global economic recovery. Economic conditions look to be the best in a while for the US and most European countries, at least according to recent readings of the popular Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI). Ever since the global recession started to unravel in March, economists and market analysists alike… Read More »Are V-shaped PMIs Misleading?

How COVID-19 Did Not Cause the Recession

Outlining the indications that a recession was building long before COVID-19 entered the scene. The available evidence suggests that, virus or no virus, a global recession was coming, and a big one at that. Well before the emergence of the novel coronavirus there were growing worries in the financial press and various policy circles that a global economic crisis was… Read More »How COVID-19 Did Not Cause the Recession